Ksämökki (summer cottage) ①

There is one thing which almost all Finns want to do in summer. That is....

" Go to kesämökki (summer cottage) and have relaxing time there, without neighbours, surrounded by the nature"

In Finland, students normally have about 4 months, and the working people get about 1 month summer holiday. Students are usually working full-time, during summer, so they actually get about 1-2 weeks holiday.

During that important holiday, Finns do not go to the south searching for warmness, but they go to north. LOL

More than half of the Finnish people live in southern Finland, which means that there are more and better places for summer cottages in northern Finland. That is of course true, because the most important priority of summer cottage is that it is located where are "no neighbours".

This time, I have visited one of my friend's summer cottage☆★

●Day 1●

The first day, we took a train called Pendolino to the destination. This is the fastest train in Finland.

We arrived at the destination in midnight because we left Helsinki late evening. It was still not dark, but this night we stayed at my friend's parents' house, who offered us the visit to the summer cottage☆★

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