There is only one reason why I chose this city as my first tourist place in Finland.
That is, whether I've taken after my mother or not, I had wanted to visit the some-most place on a map.

Hanko is the southernmost city in Finland. But even south to this city, there is a southernmost inhabited island in Finland, and there is the highest lighthouse in Europe!!!

However, there are the ferries to the island only twice a day- at 10:00 and 11:30 in the morning. It was not possible for me having had to come all the way from Helsinki.

Therefore, I could neither go to the southernmost island nor see the European highest lighthouse.

Moreover, the ferries which were going to other islands could not run because there were too few people registered. (Be noticed!! There were too FEW people there, not too MANY..!)

But there was only one, but one island which I could go.
It was only 2 minutes from the harbour and the ticket was only 2 Euro return☆★ It was a small island, but there were some cute-looking houses on the rocks☆


The water on the east side and the west side of the island was moving very differently.
The water on the west side was very calm and there were almost no waves.

Whereas on the east side, there were quite high waves.

I was amazed by another greatness of the nature that the sea water can move very differently within such a short distance.

The trip didn't as well as planned (or I wanted), but it was rather nice to walk around the small and cosy city. Next time, I would like to visit the southernmost inhabited island, probably together with Turku☆★

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