I've been joining in a orchestra here in Finland.

From 9th to 16th this month, for a week, I'd played the violin 3 times more than I normally do. It was because we had 3 concerts and 2 rehearsals during the week!! My arms and fingers had little muscular pain..

The concert went ok. The first music we played in the first concert was great. It was better than ever. Although the second half of the first concert wasn't very good, the second and the third one went well. In the 2nd concert, we played in a church, which was my first experience and I enjoyed it much** It was fun playing in the church because the sound was reflected well and created beautiful harmonies. It's always nice to play in the places where reflects sound well.

We played...
Sinfonisches Praeludium by G. Mahler,
Siegfried Idyll by R. Wagner,
Lieder und Tänze des Todes by M. Mussorgski, and
Adagio of 9th Sinfonia by Mahler.

They were fine pieces to play. Especially, Mahler's sinfonisches was fun**

There were also the harp played in the concerts. I love the sound of it♪♪ It's so cute, but beautiful**

Well, now, I was asked, by a member of my orchestra, if I would help them with Schubert's Oktett because the first violin will be missing couple of times for their practice. Although I've never played it, nor really new the music before, it'd be fun to try something a little new** Hope I finish reading 16 pages by next wednesday!!

1. The players making up in the dressing room of backstage.
2.The church we played.
3.My dear violin♡♡

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well, seems i am going to be the 1st one again ><"
its always to have some new chanlleges!! ^^
so... how many pages have you read yet?
still got lots?
good luck!!
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