Long walk in Helsinki I

People have been telling me the course is not a "walking" course. It was a "walking" course for me, but for them it was more like a "hiking" course. That is the course where my friend and I went this time. I'd been interested in the course for a while, but because it was a bit long, there weren't any time to go. But this time, having a very kind friend with me, and had time, I managed to complete the "Helsinki Long Walking" course!!

There it begins-the walk along the sea!!☆★

The beginning of the course. The sea of Hietaniemi. I guess there aren't any other sandy beaches in Helsinki apart from here.

Here we found the duck. I thought the ducks live in the rivers or lakes... Why are the Finnish ducks living in the sea?!?!

The scenery of the course is like this all the way; walking in the forest by the sea♪

While we were walking hard, there were many people doing marathon!!! We found quite a some walking instead of running, but never mind. It was some king of marathon day. They came with the same rout with us for a while.☆★

As we go along, there were some big red flowers. Closer we went,

There were tulips!!!!! The ENORMOUS ones!!!!!!!!!! I do know that I am small, but I am standing on my knees in the photo... I've never seen such tulips with the huge flowers and growing so high!!! My friend and I named them the "Northern European Tulips." LOL


Here is where we had our lunch. Not yet knowing that we were about to go to the islands seen over the sea, we had a relaxing happy time.☆★

It is a dandelion that is beside my leg. The ones we saw were all far to long to be normal dandelions!!!!! So, we named them just like the tulips, "Northern European Dandelion." LOL

As we go further, we found the Japanese Embassy!!! Since we've never been there before, we didn't know where exactly it was. Also, it changed the place a little while a go, so it was absolute surprise for us to see it there!!! Well, if we get into some kind troubles, we can always run here for help☆

We left the "Northern European Dandelion" there. I wonder what the people of the embassy thinks when they find it** LOL

Then, we kept walking happily under the trees♪

But, the walk does not end here... (Go to the number II!!)

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# >Ken Tanaka
Oh, this is the old diary**
Yes, it was really nice weather then.
There are, of course, many Finns here. There are some in Tokyo as well. You might find it fun talking with them**
Akiさん | 2008/06/25 08:16 | URL [編集] | page top↑

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