Long walk in Helisnki II

As we were walking happily from the islands to islands, keeping the sea on our left, there came the trouble...!!!

It looks like normal Finnish landscape. Actually, it is a very normal sight. However, we wanted to go the the other side!!! The next island was there in front of us!!!!

Yes, we wanted there a bridge. Or a boat to take us..!! As you can see, there's a steel fence with the key on it!!! Oh, we were about to cry thinking that we might have to go back... But well, we've found someone else taking the boat, so we headed off there hoping we'll get the island somehow.


A BRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!! We found a BRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we saw the map later, the island we saw before was not the one on our root. That's why we couldn't go there. Silly us!!!!

Souvenir photo on the bridge♪

After having sorted out our problem, we had the really beautiful scenery on our way.

Finally, we came back to the true beginning point, Kamppi( the place near the centre of Helsinki)!!!

We managed to to walk all the way- total of about 12 km, taking more than 5 hours!!!!!!!!!

When we came back, the city centre of Helsinki looked like a real metropolitan city. LOL There were traffic lights. There were buses. The road was very wide and there were not many trees. That's why we were so impressed**

It was such a long time since I last walked for so long, but it was a real fun. I really enjoyed★☆When you people come to Helsinki, take the "Helsinki long walk!!"

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