Mother's Day

Mother's Day in Finland is the 2nd Sunday of May.

I forgot what British people do on Mother's Day apart from sending cards and flowers, but in Finland, people try to stay with mothers and they give roses to the mothers.

One of my Finnish friends has told us that if we don't call our mums on Mothers' Day, then the mother's will be angry!!

Well, I couldn't take much time in watching what's going on, but surely, there were quite a some people with some kind of flowers, especially roses*


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great! especially the sunset...
ok, I am going to get my visa to the States.
Bless me.
Then I could wait you there. Come and visit, of course, have fun^^
Lulu, or funny luluさん | 2007/05/24 17:05 | URL [編集] | page top↑

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