Eurovision Song Contest

You know what it is, don't you?
You should also know where it was held this year, shouldn't you?

Yes, it was in Finland this year because Finland won the contest last year!!

The city of Helsinki was filled with loads of people from all over Europe, and there were more people than on May Day!!

There were some of my friends who went to the square in front of the White church, or those who went to the concert and watched singing there. But what was I doing??

I was by the quietly flowing water, which was no longer frozen,

having been enjoying barbecue with other friends,

watched devinely beautiful sunset, which was, of course, not possible to express in photos,

and watched the contest on the TV.

What I found fascinating in the TV was not about any of the songs. It was the adverts about Finland that atracted me the most. They were excelent in expressing and chatching charactor of Finland-great nature of Finland and the closeness of the nature, the charactoristics of the Finns who live the closest to the nature, how to live in Finland and how the Finns live in Finland, and how Finland is seen from outside world. Everything was shown substantially well in the adverts.

All those who was watching it together with me were very happy about them, and my mum even rang me about the about the adverts!! It must have been really good...**

Finland's beauty cannot be expressed just with a word "beautiful." It has some unique, fascinating "beauty" in itself.

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