May Day

I would like to name some of the days with cirtain events in Finland "ROMP DAY." In that kind of event the Finns, especially university students romp!! The city, Helsinki, changes from a very peaceful city to a awfully messy city on the ROMP DAYS!!

Followed by the New Year Days and the Shrove Tuesday, May Day was also one of the romp days.

There are not so many things you need on the romp days.

No 1. Alcohole
No 2. Energy
No 3. Warm clothes

I guess that is all you would need.

This time's event, May Day celebration is for two days( from 30.04 to 01.05).


On the 1st day, the people, especially students, gather around the famous statue, the virgin of the Baltic sea, wearing overalls.

The events starts when putting the white hat, which Finns can get when graduating from high-schools, to the statue.


Then, all those who has the white hats wears them.(photos:before and after people wear the hats)

After that, there's only one thing what people do.

Drink and romp. Drink and romp all day through!!!(photo:my friends☆)

However, because the air temperature is not to high, people need lots of energy. Even though it is quite tiring to stay out cold for a long time, people do keep drinking and romping...!!!

Well, there are lots of people who cannot joing the 2nd day because of the terrible hungover from the 1st day. But, don't forget that 2nd day, 1st May is the real May Day. What would we do on the May Day, then?


It is very different from the 1st day, but we have picnic at Kaivopuisto park. If you remeber, we did sleigh at Shrove Tuesday**

It was a wonderful sunny day at the picnic, and many families with little children were there as well★☆ It looked really cute that little children were wearing so many clothes.

There were also some funny men driving tractors☆

However, as can be imagined, many of my friends were also having hungover, so we went home about half past 2 in the afternoon. Hope all my friends had a good rest♪

Another thing to tell you is that there were two very unusual things happening.

● No.1 ●
As can be seen from the above photos, there were so many people in the city of Helsinki. It was just like Tokyo, Japan!! There were so many people in the buses and tram just like in the rush hours in Tokyo!!! I experienced, for the first time, having difficulties in breathing because people were pushing me so hard!!

On the trams and buses, there were even the people who could not get on the first time because the buses were full!!! It would never happen in ordinal days!!

● No.2 ●

The city of Helsinki became a city of garbage・・・Σ(||0□0)!!! The city is normally very clearn without even one piece of cigarette, but in this two days, it was the city of garbage!! There were so many cracked bins everwhere・・・!!!

Nevertheless, it was really fun, so if you have enough energy and are strong enough to alcohole, then you should experience May Day in Finland☆★

According to my Finnish friend, the longest day of the year is also one of the romp days. I am looking forward to it very much☆★


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