Special Sale!!

This morning, I was walking as usual to the university for the first lecture today (from 10 a.m.). The lecture was in the main building of the university.

The main building is by the square. On one side of the square, there is also a famous white church. From the windows of the lecture rooms, we can see the square and the white church. One good thing about studying at the University of Helsinki is that I can see the two famous tourist atractions everyday from the windows.

Another thing is that even though Helsinki is a small city with only a few residents, it is a capital city of a country. It's very likely that you meet some famous people like the president or the prime minister. Also, you can get notice of events easily.

Then today. Today was the specially offered sale!!!

It was at the square I see everyday. There were lots of people in front of the white church (also in front of the university building, of course)!!

There was also music of the minitary band!!!!

I couldn't help being curious about it, of course. So, having arrived at the building 15 minutes before the lectuer starts, I went to see what was going on!!

There I found the armed people!!! Not only the army, but also those who were wearing navy's uniform!! I wonder what kind of important people had come**





Look what is in the photos!!! Loads of bicycles which are layed very well ordered!!!!

Also, all of them were dark green!! The colour of the army!!!!

It is extremely funny to imagine that there were so many armed people going around the city with bikes. It is already quite funny for me that the amry driving bicycles**

Guess what happned nest! After the music of the minitary band and the speach, normal, ordinary people took the bikes in exchange of coloured papers and were taking photos!!!

I asked the police what was going on, because it really wonder me what was going on!!

Then, he told me that the amry is selling their bikes to the ordinary people!! One bike costs 200 euros(about 140 pounds)!!!!!!!!!! Very expensive---Σ(||0□0)!!!

Also, the seat is so very hight!!!I guess the lady in the photo is about 170 cm tall!!

It waw another day that an interesting thing was found**(●´∀`●)


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