rain after snow



Finland has been funny. It's always funny from my point of view, but it has been awkward statistically, too.

It's the weather.

Yes, it has been snowing, but also raining.

Two days of snow, and a wonderful chilly day, but then the following, rain came.

During that two snowy days, of course, snow had covered everything. Everything was white or black. The sky was white because it was cloudy and the tree branches were black because it had no leaves, and the paths were white with snow. The night scene was divinely beautiful with the frozen drups of water on the trees reflecting the lights.

The one beautiful chilly day, it froze the snow into ice. It wasn't snowing, but still cold enough to froze water.

Guess what happened on the raining day...

Yes, yes, very very veeeeeeryyyyyyyyy slippery!!!!!!

It was so very difficult to walk!!

Imagine you tried to walk on the ice-skating rink on a raining day with normal shoes. See?! It's difficult!! Imagine there were slopes as well!!

Oh, it was damn hard just to go to the train station near home..

I really hope Finland would get colder so there'd be only snow falling and no rain making the roads slippery anymore!! Also, I want to use my new own skating shoes**

1. Frozen drops of water on the tree branches.
2. Slippery road in front of my flat.

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oh.. it finally snows!
well, i haven't seen any snow yet, coz i went home for the holiday ^^
two days ago, there was strong wind! kills at least ten people in the uk! and some in other EU countries! it was horrible~
and the tree trunk was snapped into two!!
anyway, hope u got some "nice" weather there with lots of snow, and ice!
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