Being small...

Having been small, it makes me realise how tall Finns are.

In my newborn-hood, I spent the days surrounded by the two babies who had about 3 times more waight than mine.

I'm still extremely small. I couldn't find the name in English, but there is a kind of disease for being small. It says that if a person is smaller than the mean of hight minus two standard deviation, then he/she has the disease. Actually, for 20 to 24 year old Japanese ladies, the border line is 148.72 cm (4f 8.8in). My hight is....

142 cm = 4f 6.6 in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems I have that "being small" disease..!!

Although I usually try not to notice it, the life is a litte troublesome because...

*1. I cannot use much space of blackbord.
*2. My face does not show in mirrors.
*3. Little kids stare at me very often.
*4. My leggs cannot reach the floor when sitting on a chair.

The troublesome life didn't happen now, of course. I had that kind of life in Japan and in England. However, I feel a little stronger that the trouble has increased. Why? Because the things like the following happens daily!!

**1. I can only use half of the blackbords even if I stretch my legs and arms as much as possible!! They are too high, much higher than those in Japan, I swear!! I wonder what my teachers and classmates are thinking...

**2. There are hardly any mirrors that shows my face completely. I can only see half of my face even with the mirror in my own bathroom. I strongly feel that the mirrors are, again, much higher than those in Japan or even compared to those in England!! Thank my dear mother who has put the mirror considering my hight in her bathroom.

**3. Little children often, very often, stare at me. The other day, there were a mother and a little girl queuing. We were first in a same line, but then the mother was going to other queue. But, the little girl wanted to see(stare at) me so much, so she came out of the queue again and again just to see me!!!!!!!!!!! I guess, for them, I'm a strange creature, which is something in between a human adult and human child.. Mind you, I really don't like children asking my age. It's worse than being asked by adults!!!

**4. The chair becomes a big problem especially in a bus. It is necessary for me to put the feet somewhere to hold on. It is because the space between the chairs are quite wide so I cannot hold onto the front chair bar. However, the chairs are so high, making it so difficult for me to reach the floor. Usually, I try to find somewhere to put my feet on so I can sit in the buses confortably...

Being able to live normally in this kind of conditions, Finns must be much taller than me...

But, think about it!! Finns and I are both very small compared to those tall Finnish trees☆★


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