The 14th, we played 7 pieces, a little more than an hour.

7 was a wee bit too many..

It was a little boring because the pieces were quite in the same tone. One audience(my friend) has told me afterwards that he was about to fall asleep in the middle of the concert..!! Dear dear...!!

Every tune was with major scale this time. Our conductor, who always choses music what we play, may have thought of spring. But well, it's so different from last time when we played almost all pieces with minor scale..!!

There were lots of happenings.

● No.1 ●
I couldn't tern the page well, so it upset me and the concert master,who was sitting next to me...ヾ(;´Д`●)ノ

● No.2 ●
In the middle, we had some speach. Of coures, the conductor went away while speach is held, but then...he went awayΣ(||0□0)!!! Everybody was saying things like;

"I bid he's having a tea break!"
"I dear he's having coffee!" etc

It was quite hard not to laugh..!! The presenter was so upset, but finally said, "sorry, but please wait for 3 mor minutes!!!"

● No.3 ●
During one piece, I was a little late turing a page. Then the concert master stoped playing...Σ(||0□0)!!! I thought; "Haven't you remembered?! How much do you relay on the music sheets?!" Sorry, but the concert master didn't play one melody section.. I guess I have to practice turning pages!!

● No.4 ●
It was written in the programme that we were going to play 6 pieces, but I had sheets for 7 pieces. I was wondering why. Well, it came clear in the end. The tune left was for encore!!!!!!!! It again, upset me...!!

Nevertheless, all in all, it went well♪♪

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