**Mattila 2nd Day - cloudy**

10:30 woke up and made fire.

12:00 everybody woke up, had breakfast, so went shopping.

We went to a shop closest to the cottage. We've been having so much sweets, so decided to walk there, but not driving. It took 1 hour one way, but we had a good walk**


It was ok on the way to the shop, but on the way back, the snow started to fall and Mayumi and Martina was so behind Maria and me. So, Maria and I had left the arrow for them.↓↓

14:30 We all came home safe. We again played cards and Twisters, and just had relaxing time.

Also, we made marshmallows and sausages with the fire inside the house. (The fire was, of course, normally for heating)

The woods we used to make marshmallows and sausages. Maria made them for each of us**

18:30 We made pasta salad as our dinner. We all were saying that we were not really hungry, having been eating sweets and marshmallows and sausages. But then, we ate all lots of past salad in 30 min...!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha!!

After the dinner, we went to see 'KOKKO.' It means 'big fire' in Finnish. In Finland, we put fire on the day.

The first KOKKO we saw. The closest one to our house.

As we walk, there........!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE!! There were lots of people!!!!!!!!!!!

The KOKKO. There were only tree blunches burnt, nothing else.

We didn't have much to do at Kokko, so we head off for a drive again. We counted the number of kokko on the way. There were almost one Kokko per km. It is quite a large number if the number of inhabitant is considered.

The sun light was still there when we came home just after 10 pm. There wasn't much, but still, we couldn't see the complete darkness with full of stars in the sky.


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