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It was very nice day today!! It was raining so hard yesterday, but really beautiful day today!!

So, I went for a walk after lunch. I walked by the river near home. First, I've thought of going to the Nuuksio National Park, but it was a bit far away, so changed my mind. Because it was already noon when I thought of going out, if I'd gone to the Nuuksio National Park, then the sun would have set by the time I arrived there!!! But, somehow, I've come to the science museum in the end of my walk. So, I could actually visit a place** The museum seemed interesting, though I didn't quite go inside. I only saw the shop and few other things.

It's been so warm here in Finland. The temperature is over plus 5 degree C during the day. It's too warm for Finnish winter. Cannot believe it's winter!! No snow and no-where, like lakes, rivers, or the sea, is frozen yet. I really hope to have very chilly weather here...!!

1. Me with Finnish white birches. There're loads of white birches here in Finland. They all are really thin and tall.

2. The factory by the river. I always see this from the bus on the way to Helsinki, the capital of Finland and where my university is.

3. Pussy willow. I think it's too early for pussy willows to be white, but maybe too warm to wait.

4. The river I walked by. Since it was raining yesterday, the water was all brown, but still beautiful**

* click the pics if you want to see it bigger.


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さん | 2007/01/10 19:44 | URL [編集] | page top↑
Didin't walk that much, but was nice walk**
Go for a walk near you, though it's windy!!!!!!

Yes, I live in the city next to Helsinki**
Akiさん | 2007/01/10 23:04 | URL [編集] | page top↑
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さん | 2007/01/11 21:34 | URL [編集] | page top↑
what for??

Hi, Kristina!!!!!!! You've checked your email!!!!!!!! Wonderful!!!

Yes, it hasn't been proper Finnish winter (TДT)
Akiさん | 2007/01/13 17:55 | URL [編集] | page top↑

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