International Women's Day

Today, 3rd March, is the International Women's Day.

I found today was the day this morning. I knew there exist such day, but didn't know when exactly it was.

When I was in Helsinki this morning, I saw some ladies giving tulips on a street. There were ladies who had red tulips and those who had yellow ones. Having wanted yellow one, I went for yellow ladeis.

Here's the tulip I've got**

I put it in the snow to make it look like the one in Finland** I wonder if snow can be used instead of water for the flowers..


I cut and put it in the cup. It's in my room now**



Finland has been the time the snow melted. The road condition hasn't been very good because there are lots of puddles, both clean and dirty ones. We have to walk where ithe snow's still left, or where the snow's melt completely.

↓↓But, then, I've found this kind of shoes sold in a shop in Helsinki.

I wonder if this is very practical in the season like now... Would anyone want to buy it..??? I don't know..**

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