Multilingual culture

Lots of different lanugages are used in daily life here in Finland. Not only having two official languages, Finnish and Swedish, you'll hardly find anywhere you cannot manage things in English. At least in big cities, it is very possible to live only with English. The signs are normally in two or three languages, and therefore, you'll learn to use many languages simply by living here.

Finnish people are especially good at translation.

One of my Finnish friend, whoes mother tongue is Swedish, is studying at the university in Finnish. In the lectures, she listens in Finnish and takes notes in Swedish.

Another friend was doing a homework interviewing us. She was asking questions in English and we were answering in English, but she was taking notes in Finnish at the same time.

In another words, they can use different languages in different actoins; speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Me being not very good at translation, I am confused about languages always. These days, it sometimes takes me about three seconds to answer a question!! But Finns can do it effortlessly and it is astonishing to see them doing.


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