Dear Mothers

Finland, having been the country of North Europe, it has the feature of well established welfare system.

In this country, if you travel with babies, all transportation, such as busses, trains and metros, is all free of charge. There, I guess, are lots of other special privileges related to babies and children.

Here, I've found one very special privilege...☆


Yes!! As you can see, the mother is pushing her pushchair with her skate on!!!!! This skating rink opened this winter in front of the main railway and bus station in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Even if we had a skating rink in front of the London Victoria station, who would try to skate with her baby with a pushchair?! Who would let her do it anyway?!?!

I was sooooooo surprised!!!!!

Well, if any mothers who wants to do any kind of sports with their baby in pushchair, then please come to Finland!!!! You may be able to do it in other sports as well!!!!!


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