Shrove Tuesday

Knowing as Pancake's Day in most English-speaking countires, today was the last day of "shrovetide."

What do we do on Shrove Tuesday in the world??

1. In Britain; eat pancakes.
2. In Japan; do nothing.
3. In lots of Latin European countries; have Carnivals.

Then, what about in Finland??

We eat Laskiaspulla,

and then....

University students go mad with sleigh!!!!!


Loads and loads of university students come to a park called Kaivopuisuto,


wearing overalls, which are a kind of university uniform in Finland,
(**It is mine. Too big, though it was the smallest i could find...!!!)


then go WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE with the sleigh!!!!!!!!!

What is so funny about it is not only that the young adults go crazy with the sleigh, but also what they sleigh with!!!!

Some ueses normal boards or boxes for sleigh,


some uses very cute ones like this,


some uses plastic bags,


or some other make their own. Here, the chair was put to ski-boards**

↓↓But what I thought the funniest was this!!!!


Look it carefully!!!!!!!! What do you think is this?!?!?! It's a broken fridge!!!!!!!! They took off the door, using it as a sleight box!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Finns are very talented and have great skills and intelligence. However, most of the time, they are just concealed. When they really show their talets, they have something nobody in other nations has.

These thing appear in this kind of situation as well. I wonder where a hell in this world almost all university students around the capital gether at a single park and go completely mad with sleigh on Shrove Tuesday....!! They were having as much fun as the childern in the park***

I guess Finnish university students could be the most childish students in the world sometimes**


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