Graduation Ceremony

There are two graduation ceremony for high-school students in Finland. One is today and the other is in May.

**Today is the day they finish lessons
**The day in May is when they actually graduate.

I guess they're mixed in most countries, like in Japan, so it's a bit hard to understand the concept, but they are on different days in Finland.

Today, the third year(graduation-year) students wear overall, get into lorries and throw sweets to the strees!! hahahaha!!!! Though it's a traditional event in Finland, I think it's kind of funny**

Well, in May, the students wear white caps and have red rose. The celebration is more formal.↓↓

Also, tomorrow is the day for 2nd year students at high-school. Because they become the oldests at the schools, the day is given for them. It's called ''VANHOJEN PÄIVÄ'', the old people's day. It sounds funny, doesn't it?

These days are strange to me, but I guess it is consentable traditions for Finns whoes education is said to be the best in the world.

It's been almost 3 yeas since I left Japan. Japanese like celebrations, so I had lots of them in Japan. At schools, we had entrance ceremonies and graduation ceremonies, and opening and ending ceremonies every semester. Also, Japanese love big festivals, such as school cultual and sports festivals.

I liked these ceremonies and festivals, so I miss them quite a lot. But we don't have so many of them in Britain nor in Finland. Actually, I don't remember even a one school ceremony or festival in England...

Also, because I missed the huge Coming Age Ceremony in Japan(the one I had in Finland is nothig proper!!), it seems that I haven't done any traditional Japanese ceremonies for years... Living abroad gives me a lot to learn and many of my friens are jelous of me. Of course I understand them, but I'm also jelous of them having lots of ceremonies and festivals in Japan!!!!

Anyway, though there aren't many festivals, I'll try to enjoy a few of them as much as I can in Finland!!!


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