Hair Cut


I cut my hair.

I'm still terribly scared to go to a hair dresser here... So, as soon as I feel like having a hair cut, I go to the shower room with the scissors and mirror and start cutting the hair myself. (The mirror in the shower room is too high to see my whole face!) Well, but also, I now quite like cutting my own hair, so ever since the arrival to Finland, I cut my hair by myself. (That's the reason why my hair style doesn't change so often)

Well, as promised, as always,
it takes about 2-3 days to get it done.

On the 1st day, I just cut without thinking too much.

As can be seen from the photo, my hair doesn't listen to me. They have their own ways of being. So, on the 2nd day, I just have to see how it goes, and check if the place where is not well cut is so because of the cut or because of my hair. It's also the time to think how to correct
where's not right.

This time, some parts of the hair were totally straightly cut, maybe because I was too lazy on the 1st day..! hehe

So, on the 3rd day, the cut is finally done
after the correction is made.

From the side. The wave is naturally done. On this day,
the other side was not wavy...! LOL

It is sometimes not so convenient here, but then you'll start trying to find the other ways to do, meaning you can learn lots of things yourself! At least, if you think that way, you'll have a happier life than always complaining about what you don't have♪

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