Knife to the floor, a stranger to the door

My dear friend and first room mate in Bath came to visit me for 5 days.

The slogan of the tour was, "Experience Finland - a wonderful country-"

Finland is a very interesting country.
But there are so many who are telling the others all about negative thing.
Of course there are bad things here, too, but enough people criticize Finland, so I wanted to show all the good bits of this country.

Let's start with food.


I let her have the Karelianpiirakka in the best way,

the white fish from the best shop

took her to the Fazer chocolate company's cafe twice.

We made Joulutorttu (Christmas tort in Finnish),

and gingerbread ourselves.

She tried all kinds of local drinks, Finlandia vodka, salmiakki koskenkorva, glögi, and berry cider.

She enjoyed most of the things, but not salmiakki koskenkorva.
I'm glad she didn't like it. Because I hate it, too!!!!!!!
But anyway, now she knows the worst drink in the world.

Next is the culture.

She met Santa Clause, (though later she said he was too young and was desperate to see the real one...!)

She now know the existence of Tontu,

We had sauna,

and did ice skating, too!

I think she loves Finnish culture now☆★

Then, tourism.

It's quite difficult to make plans around this time of the year because the weather is not always good. I had to check the weather every morning and night so that she'll see the best of all. Fortunately, the Finnish weather forecast is correct most times.

I took her to the Cathedral on the sunniest day during her stay,

We went to Suomenlinna on the day, too. The impression of the place is affected by the weather such a lot, so I had to take her when the weather was good.

We managed to see the sunset from the Suomenlinna islands. (I first thought of watching it from the boat is nice, but the timing didn't work. Nevertheless, it was also very nice from the island.)

Of course, I took her to lots of other places, too - Temppeliaukio Church, Uspensky Church, Arabia factory, Post office, Stockmann, Sokos, Kamppi, a walk around Töölö bay...etc We went everywhere on the guide books, except Seurasaari island and Sibelius park. (Seurasaair island is the place definitely for summer, and because she's not familiar with Sibelius, I thought it's not really worth taking her there.)

The last is the nature.

Well, around this time of the year, in Helsinki, it's not much places to see beautiful nature, but it snowed a bit on the last day, so I took her to the forest near home.


The time she left my home, the scenery was beautiful with snow★☆

This time, the tour was only of around Helsinki, but I think I could show most of it and let her experience unique things about Finland.

If it was summer, I could take her to lots more places and also to other cities like Porvoo and Turku, and if it was in February or later in winter, I could take her to Lapland. Meaning that, here are still a lot more to see in Finland!!!

How fascinating Finland is is still the question of myself.

I hope to find a lot more about Finland and keep telling you all★☆

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