Independece Day


Today is the independence day of Finland.

91 years from the day Finland became independent of Russia. Congratulations, Finland !!!

What to be done on the independence day.

   The musicians are to play in the independence concerts.
2:Watch TV.
   The president invites lots of people to a party and the TV shows the very beginning of it,
where the president is shaking hands with the invited people one by one.
The TV programme lasts 3-4 hours, but people really watches it.

About the 1st one.

As I am not a professional musician, I played in our orchestra's concert yesterday, the 5th Dec. What did we play? Of course, Sibelius. This time, we played Andante Festivo and the 1st movement of Karelia Suite. To tell you the truth, Andante Festivo is one of my most favourite pieces.


The piece makes me think of this kind of scenery and the melody, the flow of the sounds is simply divine. Also, Andante Festivo is the reason why I wanted to join an orchestra in Finland. (The photo-taken this noon. It was sunny today after many days of rain.)

I wanted to play Andante Festivo.

This piece cannot be played alone, and which amateur orchestra in other countries will ever play this?? But in Finland, if you join an orchestra, you'll have a chance to play this, definately!!

Yes, I was right. The chance had come!!!
I was so exited when I heard that we were to play the piece in the independence concert♬♪
Of course, I was very happy in the concert♪

After being here for more than 2 years, one objective or dream, or however to be put, was achieved☆★

About the 2nd one.

There isn't any TV in my flat. So, I'll go to my friend's place to watch it. Finns normally go home (where parents live) and watch this programme. On the cerebral day, Finns watch this sooooo boring (in normal sense) TV programme. They are crazy, so wired, but I'm also looking forward to the TV programme like the Finns...! hahaha

The president shake hands with each person. The programme is nothing more than that. It's simply it. But what are the Finns thinking while watching that?? Well, what they say is this. "Look at the each person's clothes, hair style, who they come with." Yes, it is rather fun, if you become a Finn enough. For me, I have another interest. There is always one person who I want to see. The year before, it was the Japanese ambassador. Last year, it was Kimi Raikonen. This year, it's Anna Abreu. Well, because you never know when they'll appear, you just have to keep watching the TV all that hours!! What a fun!!! hahaha

Well, then, let's say it again.

Hyvää Itsenäisyyspäivää!
Congratulations for the independence, Finland!

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