Promissed Sweets

Helsinki is certainly not the most urban city as a capital of a country. But, nevertheless, it is a CAPITAL of a county.
If you try to look for, 'most' things must be found.

Yes, the fearfully smelly sweets as well....
It was my first time to try it.
After all those nice, tasty food, it came to the table...


Durian, it really had.....unique odour, as wikipedia says(><)

The smell of rotten onion which was boiled too much・・・!!
The smell of gas・・・!!
I didn't know much about durian before, so I really thought the gas was leaking out...
So, the room became full of the odour...

I now know what is meant by "it's tasty with your nose closed."
If the smell was like the coconut, how wonderful it could have been...!
The ice cream we had afterward...oh, it was delicious. Absolutely delectable. Sweet smell and sweet taste. Wonder land inside the mouth..
I have always liked ice cream, but now, I like it even more!

Well, durian cannot be found in the normal supermarkets, so I guess only the particular group of people, like Southeast Asian, eat.
The Finns normally have apples, oranges, bananas, and muscats.

Nevertheless, I was happy to have a fruit then because it's easily forget to eat fruits during the winter. hehe~~

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