@ bar

On the Friday and Saturday night, I went out with my friends for a drink.

At the entrance of the bars,

Guard:"Hey, you, show me your ID, please"

Friends:"Should all of us show?"

I show my ID before anyone can say anything.

Guard, after cheking my ID: "OK. All of you can go in."

If I am old enough, then all of the others should also be.

This theory applies every time.

People's eyes in the bars are always very noticeable.

People doesn't really watch me so often while walking the city, but inside the bars, it seems I look so incongruous. hehe

But that's how I appear to the ordinal Finns.

Probably the situation is more noticeable in Finland than in England or certainly that in Japan.

Also, it might be because I have typical Asian look!

Nevertheless, they do let me in with my ID and the bartenders never say anything while serving.

In England, I had to show my ID every time I got a drink. but here in Finland, the bartenders never ask for my ID and they're always willing to serve me!

I wonder how it would go in Japan. Never had a drink there...

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