Picasa and Skipping Rope

Photo editing - nowadays we can do such a lot using Photshop and so on.

I also have tried, been in a fashion, using Google Picasa.
The photos of the fireworks earlier are also edit a bit with it.
I normally put photos without editing, but it's also fun to touch some♪

Picasa is very easy to use, so I reccomend you try once☆☆

No. 1
The original photo was blurred so I took the advantage of it☆
The words are my heart of loving comfy clothes.

No. 2
Using the photo I've taken earlier. Not much has changed except the degree of the contrast.
The words say, "Is pink the colour of love? It seems people believe so."

No. 3
When I asked my friend for a photo, he sent me a photo of banana on the manhole. LOL
Those of you who laughed, thank you. hehe

No. 4
The original photo is from the same friend as the one gave me the photo of banana and manhole. He's got this cute coffee cups from his girlfriend (according to my memory)♡
The words say, "Sweets and bitter coffee, they are just like, .....a faint love."

It looks that I quite like making them faint☆★
Using Picasa, the photos tend to become a bit orange-ish. It might be a good thing that they become warmer.
Well, it's always how you use it, isn't it?

Now, well, "the skipping rope."

If you know me enough, you should have realised I haven't been doing enough exercises ever since I moved to England. Yes, I walk a lot, but that cannot be enough for this young body. But if any exercises need to use special facilities, it costs quite a some. The only exercises which can be done without using any money was jogging, stretches or some muscle training. I have been doing stretches and some muscle training now and then, but that cannot be enough, neither.

But well, I'm not so much found of jogging somehow.
I'm a very bad swimmer. My swimming costume is in England anyway...

I've been thinking and thinking what to do.
Then suddenly something reminded me of "skipping rope!!"

Yes, skipping the rope!!!
I do like that!!!!
I do think it's a lot of fun!!!!
I have enough room outside and inside!!!!

So, there I go. I have the rope now and will keep doing this.

Subcutaneous fat - the one essential to survive Finnish winter. Whether it goes away, stay or keep increasing, it'll be interesting to see how the nature is being. hehe

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