Autumn is coming soon?


Sometimes, it's like this.


Other days are like this.

Sometimes it rains, and some other times, it's sunny. The temperature rarely go higher than 20 degree C nowadays, and it seems the autumn is right there. Hope it doesn't come running, though. I don't see the clear blue sky with hardly any clouds any more. Even when the sun is shining, the clouds seems to be waiting to drop the water on us.

When I look up the cloudy sky, listen to the rain falling, it makes me a bit sad.

"Ah, soon the days will be only like this, no more sunshine..."

The beautiful blue sky, the shining sun, I will miss them all soon... Wish I could have enjoyed the sun more. Finnish summer is really really short.

Found those enjoying Bungee jumping. They are doing with crane... it might be easy and quick way to do with, but isn't it dangerous??

In Japan, ecological ways of living is getting popular nowadays. Fins are also ecological in ways like this. Instead of using tissue towel or hot-air drier, this cloth towel is common here.

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