Amusement Park

There is an amusement park in Helsinki, called Linnanmäki. I went there the first time!!!!!

This park is only open during summer, so I really wanted to go this year, as I hadn't have chance before!

Lots of photos, lots of laugh♬♪ I didn't get on any of the rides, but it was really fun already, just by walking around!!

Have a look at photos, at least. They're really funny☆★

When you enter, you'll find this.

The famous statue at the main railway station!!

But the ones here have strange faces!!!!

Trying to hold with a forefinger and the head?!LOL

Oh, look! The building is like the moomin house!!! There sold some sweets and on☆

Let's have a look the rides☆ The later photos are funnier than the earlier ones, just to let you know. hehe*

To start with, those are relaxing ones.

I think almost every amusement park has this. Coffee Cup, we call in Japanese. Hope it's the same in English.. This coffee cups and the teapot is much nicer than those in Japan!! I mean, the look of them are. I couldn't find anyone rolling the cup hard, but is that because the cups are so nice?

On the rail where the statues hold, have fun in high up the sky☆

The children can go on the train♪

He...hey!!GUARD!!!Forward, please look forward!!! Mind your head as well!
(The little boy was ever so cute♡)

The next are the swingings☆

This is just a normal one.

Ferry Wheel☆
Look at this Ferry Wheel carefully. The boxes have no windows, or there are, but it's open aired! Easily be fallen off!!! But I might now have understood why this park is open only during summer... lol

This is for little kids. So small, but very cute☆

Now, you must not be so excited. Well, here it comes~~!!!!

Yes, the thrilling ones!

Let's start with the aeroplane. Oh, sorry, it was just for children!

This one is for adults!

After that, try this☆

See, you can spin such a lot with this!!

This also spins a lot!!!

Need break from the spins?
Then this will help you!! Go top of the tower and come down terribly fast!!!! Even the porker-faced Finns were screaming. LOL

Of course, there are Roller Coasters as well!!! This might not look so scary, but you go round with quite a small box. It would be fun!!!

There it is. The most famous ride in Linnanmäki-around 100 year-old the wooden made Roller Coaster☆☆

The boxes weren't wooden, though. hehe

Little break now*

Soft Serve♬♪There was strawberry flavour as well!!
The one with me is my friend PUPU♪She lives just 5 minutes walk from my flat☆She came today with me, though I asked her in the morning!!

Soft Serve is everywhere in an amusement park, but I think this is also everywhere!! But one thing my friend, fumy has noticed was......this is too realistic!!! Usually, the face of a price and a princess or some kind of animals or characters are taken away, but look! In this one, the people's faces were taken away, who has actually acted in the movie!!!!Poor those who don't have faces here....hehe

Ok now, let's come back to the attractions. There comes the watery ones! Wetty ones!!

Well, if you were in a Disney land, then you wouldn't probably get wet with this kind. But here in Linnanmäki, in Finland!! Finns don't like doing things by halves! Yes, get wet! LOL

Well, if you think the above one is not so wetty, then try this.
Go up with this gondola・・・・

Weeeeeee!!!!!Wet Wet Wet!!!! LOL LOL LOL

If you want to try this wetty ones, I suggest you come with sandals and swimming suits. LOL

But what was funniest to watch was this.
This goes around and spin and so・・・

OHHHHHHHH!!!!LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL SO FUNNY!!!! I must be very lucky to be able to take this photo!!!!!!!!!!!
Ah, mind you, they both are boys. The dark hair one is not Japanese. A Finnish boy died his colour in back.
Well, look carefully.....their hair is blown parallel to the ground・・・!!!LOL LOL

Well well!!It was such fun!!!!I hadn't been to a "play ground"like this for a long long time!! Linnanmäki was much larger, had more attractions and lots more to be commentated than I expected. I really enjoyed ☆★ Next time, I'll try to go on some of those!!!

Ah, mind you, I didn't try on any of those. NOT that I COULDN'T!!

The highest hight limit was 140cm!!!Just about!!But I can go!!!

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