Happy Birthday to myself!

I think I had a good birthday**

My family had my birthday cake, (without me)lol
Unexpected birthday mail came from a friend 3 days ago, (It happens that some send me the day before, but never 3 days before)lol
So many celebrated my birthday, and I'm very happy and glad about it☆☆

Well, I, myself didn't do anything special, but finished one of my works!!!


Hand made YUKATA!!!YUKATA was more difficult to make than I first thought, and it is really big, so it felt as if I were sawing a wedding dress. lol You can't see the whole thing while sawing, so it was a bit scary in the end to see if it was done well!

I wear them in the photo soon after finished sawing, so it doesn't look quite right, but never mind, I wanted to try it on as soon as it was done!! The proper belt for this will come later soon♪

I'll make corsage with the same cloth, matching the YUKATA☆

When everything is ready, I'll wear it properly and take a new photo☆

Well, whether I will have a chance to wear it in Finland, that is never known. There's no such restrictions of when to wear YUKATA, though I'd like to wear it on a special occasion.

That was how I spend 22nd birthday. Going for my hobby☆★

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