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All I do these days are, working, sawing and going out with friends.

Here introduced 3 bags which I've made. I know the bags can't just tell with their look if they are good, how useful it is also a very important point of a bag. Nevertheless, I felt like showing them here, so I will.

A kind of a big white bag for a short journey. The white shining cloth, which I've showed the other day, is the inside bag of this one. This white cloth itself was a curtain, but the cloth was rather thick and strong, so I've remade it to be a bag. I've made two of the same for my friend who gave me the cloth and for myself. Yet, there still left quite a some cloth of this.

For the friend who gave the white curtain, as her birthday. It's still in my house, but will be given soon. I've made the corsage as well. The corsage was small, so it was much easier and faster to make. Smaller ones seem to be easier to make, for me.

Shot outside. Just to make it look more beautiful. hehe* I've bought this cloth, falling in love with the pattern. But I'd been thinking of what to make from it. Glad it became a cute bag after all**

I love blue colour, but I feel that there's less nice cloth with blue colour in this country. I've seen many beautiful ones with red and pink and other red-ish colour, but not many of blue...

While working. I'm not a guide, so I'm not visiting all the tourist places, but there, never mind.

The Cathedral. While I had more lectures in Kumpula, I visited here less, but I started to come here more often now for work.

A tourist taking a photo in Senet Square(a square in front of the cathedral). This time of year is the best time when Helsinki looks the most beautiful. So of course, it's the best time to take photos if you want a good image of Helsinki.

Sunset. The cloud like this, flowing in line, cannot be seen where mountains are. Helsinki..., well not only Helsinki, but while Finland is quite flat, so it's easier to find this kind of cloud here.

Another sunset. Sometime, the sky become really strong red. (though never be able to take a hot-red with camera) The sunset is around 10:10 in the evening and the sunrise is about half 4. On the midsummer day, the sunset was 10:50 and the sunrise was 3:54, but the day is getting shorter and shorter every day. You may say it's still very long, but I know it'll get dark very sad...

I check the time of sunset and sunrise very often for my job. Sometimes, I go to or come back from work white the sun is setting.

Around my friend's house. Wherever you live, there's nature around always. It's one of the wonderful thing about living in Finland.

A beautiful wheat field(?).

White clover was flowering beautifuly as well. I like making crowns and rings with them. I like making something with my hands. I really do.

Well, it seems I'm becoming more like British, taking a lot for a little to say. I wrote such a lot for a very few important thing to say. hehe* I even talk to bus drivers nowadays in Finnish. They do talk to me. Summer time, Finns can have a small talk, I think. Hope this continues to winter as well, but if not, then you can just think I'm becoming more like a Finn and not like a Brit. lol

*Sunflower diary*
The 3rd flower opened!! But it seems the leaves aren't so healthy now... Maybe I should give something to them.

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