On Friday the 8th, I went to ride on a sleigh with 4 Finnish, 1 Japanese and 2 Spanish friends!!

Don't you dare thing sleigh is a childish play!! The adults also do it here in Finland!! Actually, it was one of my Finnish friend, who's 22 and is from Rovaniemi, who had proposed to ride on sleigh!!

The equipments for sleigh is really cheap here. It clearly showes that they are very much in need!!

We all went to a park in Helsinki and then,


It was really difficult to control the fast going sleigh!! We were about to hit the trees and the lights, and even the fence of the park!!! You really need to keep good balance, otherwise, you'll honestly hit the trees!!

It was already dark when we did sleigh, and we were going crazy, so I couldn't really take a good photo. Nevertheless, it was lots of fun of being covered by the snow!!!!!


On Friday the 9th, I went to the Nippoli Party. It's a party held at the Helsinki University of Technology, which is for the Japanese who live in Finland and Finish people who are interested in Japan. We have sauna and eat some Japanese food there**

Look this photo. The smallest person in the party, which should be me, and the tallest person, who was a Finnish guy!!


It's hard to believe we are the same human being!!! People were staring at us when taking this photo**


It's me with the afro the guy was wearing! I think this thing suits quite everybody, so you all should try once!!


It's me being crazy about Finnish flag again** There were balloons with lots of Finnish flags!! I was so exited and holding it so happily, so the organizer gave me a premition to take it home!! So, now it's in my room***


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