First diary

I have come to Finland in September 2006, finally, to study and live. Although I have visited Finland a few other times before, this is my first time to actually live in this loving country.

This blog is all about my life in Finland. I hope I can tell you how I see Finland and the beauty of Finland through this.

Since this for all my friends, I try to write both in English and in Japanese, though the site itself if in Japanese and you can also see all the diaries!! Select ''English'', then you'll see the diaries only in English.

Hope many of you read this**


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# oh ya~ oh ya~
~~~oh ya oh ya oh ya oh ya~~~色付きの文字
the 1st message left by Me ^^

good luck with ur new blog, hope you do well ^^
Laurenceさん | 2007/01/09 16:54 | URL [編集] | page top↑
# 承認待ちコメント
さん | 2007/01/09 23:30 | URL [編集] | page top↑
# really nice
Finland is a lovely place. ^_^
管理者さん | 2007/01/10 11:10 | URL [編集] | page top↑

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