7th July is called Tanabata in Japan.

For details, see
Tanabata (wikipedia)

Anyway, we write wishes on pieces of paper and hang them on bamboo trees.


Well, I didn't have a bamboo tree, so I put them on a white bunch instead! Cultural mixture of Japan and Finland!! hehe**

It was really good that I brought the special scissors for Japanese flower arrangement! It made it so easy to cut the tree!

We, my room mate and I, made the yellow box on the bottom together.

On the red rectangular paper, my room mate's wish is written, and on the blue one, mine is written.

The two rectangular paper is tied with one string.♡♡

My room mate doesn't know much about Japan,

but when I told her about Tanabata and asked if she'd like to write her wish, she was really eager to do!

I'm so happy that there are two wishes hanged on the tree, and not only one.

Just a bit to add.

My dear little sunflower, which is shown in the previous diary, is really opening!! I'm really happy about this!!

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