One of the thing I've been doing recently - hand craft

I've been having fun making and remaking quite a some with cloth and beads.

But there is a little problem when it's sunny.

Shining shining shining! The cloth reflects sunlight and it's very shiny - especially when the cloth is white.

Making it blue, it's a bit clearer.

Another thing.

My room mate works as a telephone girl in a stock company where sells all kinds of food and flowers to supermarkets. So she sometimes gets some vegetables and flowers from work.

Another day, I've got a pot of sunflower from her. I've watered, put it by the window, and been telling it to flower. Well, it did!

The one which was already open in the beginning died, but the next one is about to open☆☆ I'm so happy about it♪

There are still some other buds, so hope they open as well☆

On sunny days, everything is so shiny☆☆

It's a bit too shiny sometimes, but the thing do really shine on the sunny days☆☆ Both in winter and summer♪

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