12 o'clock, midnight

That's the time when next day comes

It wasn't a usual day

Because I took notice of it with a mixed feeling

Who cares if the day changes from 30th June to 1st July?

Many do care if the day changes from 31st December to 1st Jan.

But not of the day changes to 1st July

I never did

Not until this year

I don't know if I will next year

But I did this year....

2 years ago on the 3rd of July, I was ever so anxious, nervous and scared. That's the day I called the university for asking the result of the entrance exam. My mum was ever so happy after hearing the very good news. I got the letter from the university, saying that I was accepted. It took me sometime to actually realise what was going on.

Until this June, I didn't notice I had been here for almost 2 years. I always thought it was only a year.

July has come. 2 years from the day I got the letter.

Without thinking so much, without worrying so much, I spend this 2 years, but the feeling was always the same as when I came here.

2 years already? 2 years yet?

But 2 years is not the same as 3 months.

2 years, I spent the time just like the dandelion clock, floating around and finding a good place to land.

I think it's almost time to land somewhere and be ready for the next flower!

On this strange 30th June, before the month changes to July, I saw rainbows built.

Looking at the sky, there was a rainbow.

Recently, the mornings has been very nice and sunny, but in the afternoon or in the evening, it always starts to rain.

As I looked at it for a while・・・

it's getting longer!!!

It went over the brunch,

and as I was watching・・・


Can't you see anything on the right hand side?

Yes, there is one another rainbow!!

The smaller one didn't become so long, but the bigger one became this big!

The rainbows disappeared soon after as it rained, but watching the rainbows built, I felt another new happiness.

Hope the rain would do the dandelion clocks good・・・☆

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