Blue Sky

Recently, the days have been sunny and the temperature is about 10 degrees. Sometimes, when the sun really shines, I even feel hot-especially when wearing black clothes.

In the bus, on the way to school, if I were ever to sit on the side which the sunshine comes in, it gets awfully boiling. It's worse than sauna, worse than sun bath, making me want to escape to the freshly air outside. I never wanted to sit there, but sometimes, I make mistakes....

The photo taken at 8 pm. So light!!!!

I know the sky is not always blue. That's why I always want to take photos when I find the sky beautifully blue.

★Looking up the blue sky



★Like a drawing

★The beauty of Helsinki Cathedral is found in the blue sky.


★The rule apply to this statue's beauty as well.

When it's raining, when it's windy, when it's snowing, when it's cloudy.... I should work hard and live full life on those days. Otherwise, I'll feel empty in the blue sky. After working hard on the bad days, look at the blue sky and relax. Let the time go and enjoy it on the sunny day. Finland is the place where I can do that. Here I am allowed to live the life like that.

I should try to learn as much as I can. "Everyday you learn something"- what my host mother in Bath always said. I am a happy girl being able to look up the blue sky which teaches me a lot of things☆

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