Japanese culture in Finland

The image of Finland we, the Japanese have is mostly about

Santa Caluse,
Aurora, and

On the other hand, what kind of images the Finns have of Japan??

It might be a bit biased, but mostly, it's like this.

Like moomin such a lot


Anime!! Anime!! Anime!!!!!!!!!!
Anime (Wikipedia)

Yes, while the economy situation on the Japanese restaurants and the Japanese food-shops are so so, the Anime shops, which sells all kinds of anime goods, are prospering so well!!!!

There are quite a some of the young Finns who wants to learn Japanese because they want to understand MANGAs and ANIMEs---!!!

In the Kamppi shopping centre, the nearest shopping centre to the main railway station, there is a Anime-goods shop and for its commercial, a song of Ai Otsuka is played!!!
Ai Otsuka (Wikipedia)

Although the size is small (because of the little population), but it's easy to see those Otaku culture here in Helsinki. There are very few who wears Kimono to imitate the Japanese, but there are quite many those who wears Anime costume to imitate Japanese.
Otaku culture (Wikipedia)

Well, there is a day in Helsinki, for those Otaku people. It's called "Japanin-päivä"(Japanese Day) and many things were done there. Including introduction to normal Japanese culture as well, of course(The size of the party is not so big like May Day, but held in just a building in the city centre)

Here you go. I went there and took some photos. You'll see what it's like*

People were dressed so----strangely, of course. LOL

A pricess?? Animals?? A Dracula? I don't know what they are...!!

Alice from the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland??

Those which are normally worn in Japanese festicals. On the back, it was written "祭"(meaning festival in Japanese).

This is normal Kimono. I wonder who helped them wear..! It's rather difficult to wear, you see?

This one is arranged Kimono.

Gothic fashion? I see those kinds of people very often in Helsinki. It's also quite popular in Japan, too.

The strangest one!!!!!!!!! What a hell is this?!?!?!?! LOL LOL LOL

There are many rooms with different events going. Some of those for children, some for adults.

Japanese Flower Arrangement. It's been so long since I last saw the others doing!! It was free to try, so I wanted to do, but there were too many people....

Mini Japanese fans displayed by the window. They looked very cute**

The shop sold Anime T-shirts.

If you want to by some Anime costumes, they are here.

Posters, and some other good are also available.

Para Para dance lesson is done here.
Para Para dance (Wikipedia)

It was a bit too early for this, but there was Koinobori as well☆
Koinobori (Wikipedia)

Well, I had heard from my friend it was the Otakus' gatherer, so I wasn't so surprised and could enjoy quite a lot☆★

I tried Japanese calligraphy, but since it's been so long since last time I did, so it went really really awful!!! So, I didn't even take a photo. Well, but I enjoyed it, so never mind♪

Otaku culture is not only of Japan nowadays. We shouldn't underestimate Otaku culture. There are some in Japan who are against Otaku culture, but living abroad, considering those in other countries, I insist Japanese Otaku culture is the best in the world, and what they have produced is certainly not anything to be against.

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