Helmikuu in Finnish is February in English.

''Helmi'' means pearl and ''kuu'' means month, so February is pearl's month in Finnish. It's beause in February, the day becomes longer and also it snows a lot, which makes the world brighten like pearls☆

The month brighten like pearls is a bit special in Finland. There comes two special sweets to eat in February, Runebergin torttu followed by Laskiaispulla. We eat Runebergin torttu on the 5th, and Laskiaispulla on the 20th this year. They are two sweets that are introduced even in tourists' guide!!



☆Laskiaispulla☆(photo 1)

This is nothing you may know. It can be totally new to you!! But....I'm not a good cook when it comes to something to do with flour.. So I can't explain what it is well!!! Help me, Mike!!!!!!!!!!! It's like half cutted normal Finnish ban(photo 2) with some cream in it.

But anyway, it's very tasty**

Well, this Lakiaispulla is like pancake in England. It doesn't tast or look like the pancakes at all, but it's eaten on the same day as the pancakes. Yes, on the Pancake Day, the proper name Shrove Tuesday, people in Finland eat Laskiaispulla instead of pancakes☆☆

British pancakes are quite thin, and people put lemon and black suger, if my hostmother told me right. But, in Finland, student's go toboganning to Kaivopuisto(a park in Helsinki) on Shrove Tuesday and when they get home, pea soup and Laskiaispulla are suppose to be waiting for them**

Well, I guess I'm going to buy Laskiaispulla again on the 20th!!


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