When flowers come out

When flowers come out in England

The snow falls down in Finland

The cherry blossoms are coming out in Japan☆

Many other kinds of flowers are coming out in England☆

Spring has come♬♪♬♪

There must be many who feel so.

But, there are places where is still not ready for spring. Finland is one of them, too.

It was since the day before yesterday, I think, the temperature has fallen down to minus and it was really chilly last night. It seemed that the snow would come again. Waking up in the morning, looking at the window...........Oh, God!

It really snowed!!!!!!

A LOT!!!

The photo is the window of my room, taken this morning, just now. It hadn't been snowing such a lot this year!! The snow is still falling, so it'd be even deeper!!!!

Spring has come in Japan (and in England and in many more places)
=(is equal to) Winter has come in Finland (and probably in other northern countries, too)

Well, it seems that we have to wait a bit more to see colours other than blue (sky and sea), white (snow and cloud), brawn (earth and trees) and green (pine trees).

※Hope you now know why this blog has been snowy design even now. The snow has not melt yet here...and even more is coming now..**

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