Easter-Day 3

What is the main thing of Easter, which lasts for 3 days??


Yes, the eggs!!!

What children do at the Easter? It's

Painting Eater Eggs

Last year, the year before, and even two years before, my sister was painting the Easter eggs at kindergarten, school or after-school club, and I always wanted to do it, too. But this year, I DID it as well !!!!!

I did it at one of Finnish friends, Raisa's house, with her and another Aki☆★

We painted 5 of them. The behind, left one is what another Aki has painted, the behind right and the middle one is what I have painted and the two front ones are what Raisa has painted.

Raisa is a great artist!!!!!!! She could paint them really well.

The sweets what another Aki has brought☆ Pineapple and a small berry pie. Another Aki can make berry pie. I'm sure he's really good at making those kind!!!

Well, this pineapple another Aki has brought ended up making us laugh so much!!!!!!

Do you want to know what had happened? Well, I'll write it when I get photos from Raisa☆

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