Easter-Day 2

On the Easter Day 2, I went to see KOKKO in Seurasaari.

Seurasaari is an island in Helsinki, where whole island is an open-air museum.

KOKKO is a big firewood.

We, a friend and I, took a bus from Helsinki city centre, walked inside island for about an hour and then saw KOKKO.

Before the fire was lit.
After the fire was lit.

Lighting Kokko is originally a tradition of Eastern Finland, so Helsinki itself does not have such tradition, but somehow, Seurasaari always have Kokko at Easter.

Children playing on the sand mountain. Lighting Kokko is traditionally an event in small villages, so there were many children coming to see and play, too☆

The front line was filled with children. Then their parents, and then the adults on the back. Where was I ? Of course, in the FRONT LINE☆★

Last year, I was in a Finnish friend's, Maria's house, and because her house was in Eastern Finland, there were many Kokkos around. When we went for a drive in the night, we were counting how many Kokkos we could find.

Well, this year, there was one thing I forgot to do when going to see Kokko. I forgot to・・・・・

equip well for cold weather.

I knew. I knew it would have been cold. I did know that the ground was cold, the temperature was about to be minus, and snow was almost falling. I knew. But still, I forgot. I forgot to bring Hokkairo, which is a Japanese stuff put inside shoes and keeps feet warm, and a pair of gloves. I wanted to bring two pair of gloves, but I only brought one pair. I really thought I would have chilblains....

But I managed to surveive!!

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