Easter-Day 1

Finland is a Christian country (at least, officially), so Finns celebrate Easter.

The first day of the Easter (Good Friday) is the day when Jesus died, so, like England, people are not supposed to eat gorgeous meal and it's forbidden to clap hands in concerts.

I went to listen to a concert (Church music) with another Aki. Because it was a beautiful day, we went for a walk as well☆★

In the morning, when going out.

The church where concert was held. This church has big cross, so its front side looks like a church, but the building itself does not. The churches in Finland are often newly built, so most of them does not look like a church. They could look like apartments or offices. This church looks just like an apartment from behind.

In the concert. I wasn't quite sure if it was allowed to take photos, but never mind, I took☆

♪♬Today's walk was by the sea♬♪ Another Aki told that he also like walking, so we had a medium long walk of about 2 and half hours☆
This port might be the most famous sea side in Helsinki.

There, it stands (or floats?) Silja Line- the biggest and most gorgeous cruising ship, which travels between Helsinki and Stockholm.

The scenery from one of the sea side walking road I really like. You can see this scenery from the Cafe Ulsula.

The sunset 1. This looks a bit like Japanese sunset.

The sunset 2. This might look more like the British one.

The sunset 3. This one can be the special of Northern countries. In Finland, the sun takes really long time to set. So, we can see the sky with blue and pink colour in nearly the end of sunset. I like this pink colour. It's difficult to show in the pictures, though.

The day was a good day. I could listen to beautifully harmonised songs and have a good walk ♡♡

♪little to add♪
An Easter chocolate another Aki made for me. It was real egg-shell shaped, round outside and nothing inside!!!I was so surprised that I was about to forget taking photo of it....!! It seems another Aki is good at making sweets.

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