Name Day

Do you know what is special about 20th March every year?

Those who are familiar with the calenders of countries, such as Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Slovakia and FINLAND, might be able to guess.

Well, as written on the title, it is the "Name Day." (Nimipäivä in Finnish)

20th March is not only the Name Day in Finland. Almost every day is the Name Day. Then, you might ask, "why are you talking about 20th March?" Some may have realized by now, but it is because 20th March is.....

★☆Name Day of "AKI"☆★

As I have been telling so many times, "Aki" is a Finnish name as well, meaning that I can be celebrated on this Name Day as well!!!!!!

The Name Days are concerned not as special as birthdays, but still, some get presents from their parents, or friends say each other "Happy Name Day" and so on.

Well, I didn't know when was my Name Day until this year, but when my friend sent me a text saying "Your Name Day is today!! Happy Name Day!!", I was very surprised, but happy♡♡ Of course, I then said "Happy Name Day" to Aki, the boy who's surname sounds amazingly funny to Japanese☆

Actually, I have one more Finnish name, girl's name!!It's


Tuuli's Name Day is 22nd February.

Oh, God!! I didn't know then!! It's goneーーーー(ToT)

But well, it is possible to be celebrated 3 times in Finland, one birthday and two Name Days☆★☆★ This is one of the times when I feel it's great to be in Finland!!

Name Day

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