A boy called AKI

Aki is a boys' name in Finland. Here's one of my friend called AKI.. Yes, exactly the same name as me. Actually, his surname sounds extremely funny for Japanese people, but I didn't write about it in English because it's not funny at all in English.. Well, the surname is Hagelin, just to let you know.

Here's the photo of him.


He looks just a normal Finnish guy.

But unfortunately, or fortunately, his name Aki is girls' name in Japan and his surname is.....crazily funny for Japanese.

He looks normal, and he is normal☆★

Well, today, I had lunch with him and went for tea (we didn't have tea, but there, never mind). What was amazing about it was tha・・・・

I was having conversation in Finnish for more than 4 HOURS!!!!!!

It used to be that I could only talk for about 2 hours and after that, I get too tired and couldn't pay enough attention when listening. But today, I could manage more than double of what it used to be!!!The boy, Aki, always speaks slowly and clearly using easy sentences, and he even can wait until I start to speak out!!

He might be a great guy**


The hot chocolate I had today. In a cute, designed cup, there was gorgeous sweet hot chocolate♡♡

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