Food and Language

''Finland does not have any traditional or national food.''

Some young Finns could say so. OR,

''Finland does not have any special food apart from reindeer.''

That is what lots of Finns say...

Never believe what they say!!!!!!!!!!
Finalnd does have some unique food of their own!!!!


This is one of it. It is called Runebergin torttu, meaning Runeberg's tart in English.

Johan Ludvig Runeberg is one of 'famous' Finnish-Swedish poet who has written the poem of Finnish National Song. (nothing to do with Finland is famous, but he is famous in Finland at least.) Here in Finland, the people eat this 'tart' celebrating his birthday, 5th Feb. He used to love the tart his wife had made, and that is why Finns eat the tart around this time of the year.

Some more information about Runerbergcan be found in wikipedia as well.↓

The tart is made with some soft seasoned(like gingerbread) sponge and on the top, there are some raspberry jam and sugary thing(I don't know what it is!!). It's not very sweet, but just sweet enough to tast.

It's not the birthday yet, but I've bought two of them to try, one for me and one for a friend. But, it was so tasty that I've eaten both of them!! hahahahaha!!!! Never mind!!!


In Finland, there are two official languages-Finnish and Swedish. About 6% of the population speak Swidish as their mother tongue. I have two friends who are in the 6%.

Today in the bus, on the way to one campus from another, I've found a Swedish newspaper!!! I've never seen it before, so I was very excited about it** See? It's in funny language, but more like English than Finnish. It's Swedish!! I know few worlds in Swedish, but it's more difficult to pronouce than Finnish for's damn hard to repeat what they say in Swedish..!!!



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