This day, I went to Finlandia hole to listen to a concert☆ The tickets for the concerts in Finlandia hole is normally about 20 Euro, but students can always get special offer with only 5 Euro♬♬ It might be for the students at Sibelius Academy that they can come to listen to concerts easily. Finland always has very good financial support for students. It's really a great idea to be in Finland while being a local student☆

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra☆

The programme was with Sibelius's orchestra, Oskar Merikanto and Toivo Kuula's pieces with songs, and Einar Englund's Ciacona.

Conductor;John Storgårds
Bass;Matti Salminenn
(The name salminen would sound a bit funny**)

Because the popular conductor was conducting and the singer was also popular, the seats were almost full!!!!!!

There were some interesting pieces, so I enjoyed it very much☆★♪

By the way, it was also Chinese New Year. The Chinese people in Helsinki were all celebrating it☆

They made a small version of the tower in Shanghai, and put Yatai,

Decorated the cities with Chinese decoration,

and there were fireworks!!!!! A little bit after taking this photo, in the break of the concert, there were big gorgeous fireworks. I think Chinese people are really great!!! That fireworks were the most wonderful fireworks I saw in Europe!!!!! They did really well!! It did, could remind me of Japanese fireworks. Yes, they were like that!! Well, it might not be so great compared to London's New Year fireworks or of some other big cities, but I really liked it☆★

♪something extra♪
The rose in one of the Thai restaurant in Helsinki. The lighting was veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyy dark!!!!!! We, the people with dark eyes, need much brighter light!!!!

The underground way of the capital city of a country. You rarely meet people here at night. Is it the same elsewhere?? Or is it something unique about Finland?

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