In order to find out about the sleigh-mad students, I went to Kaivo park around half past four, after finishing lectures, but the scenery was totally different from last year.

There were almost nobody, no students there....

But it seemed the Battery company, which sells one of the energy drinks in Finland, was here,

and I found very few, but a few students with their sleight. I just went there on a wrong time, but people seemed to have gone mad with sleight this year, too. LOL There were only about 5 or 6 people in the lecture where there are normally about 20. The rest must have gone to sleigh!!

I thought of having both Laskiaispulla and Runeberg's tart today, but because I was all alone, I couldn't have both. They are always sold in pairs in the shops, so if I wanted to have them both, I'd have had to eat 4 in total!! That was a bit too much for me**
Laskiaispulla has origin in Germany, so I had Runeberg's tart, which can only be found in Finland☆★ I had them just before the orchestra's rehearsal. This year, I had Primra's one instead of Fazer's because Primra's ones were a bit smaller. The Primra's ones had more nuts in it. It was also very nice☆

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