Oh, God sake!!

Today, 5th February 2008, Finland, especially Helsinki will probably go mad!!!

But I have not time to join the people!!! I'm not yet ready to take photos, neither!!!

Today is Shrove Tuesday AND Runeberg´s Day!!!

For details, please read last year's diary.↓↓(So sorry, but I've deleted the photos, so there's only writings. Those who haven't seen the photos, please use your imagination.)

Runeberg´s Day
Shrove Tuesday

Today is the day to eat two special Finnish buns!!(but one is traditionally from Germany) There aren't many special Finnish food, but today I haveto eat two of them!!! What a special day!!!

Two buns are, Runeberg's pie and Laskiaspulla☆★ I'll upload the photos later*

But well, I don't know what would happen to the Kaivo park this year. Every year, the university students go mad with sleigh, but there isn't much snow this year. I must have a look at the park!!!

Later, I'll let you know everything about today♪♪

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