Snow Snow Snow♬♪

We had really nice snow today in Vantaa☆★ Soft and dry, proper winter-snow!!!!♬♪

It had been such a long time since I last saw proper winter-snow, so it made me quite excited, meaning that I couldn't help myself playing with snow.

What has to come first is this☆★
Snow rabbit♡♡♡♡
It's a wee bit difficult to recognise in the snow, thoughww

So, the next one has to be this!!!
Yeah!!! Snow Man♬♪

I was very happy with this snow man and taking lots of photos of it, but then....
Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mouth fell off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It look like as if I put it there on purpose, but it's not!!It FELL OFF(;→д←)

I've tried many times to get it back, but it never did, so
it was forced to be hairs insteadwwwwwww

My student, who I teach in the private lessons, said that the snow man looked a bit individualistic and "there I can see a wired thing looking like a hand." It seemed that he found it rather funny, which I too found. But I think my snow man looks very attractive♪♪

The weather these days has been very unstable. It's been like this.




From above,
●The day before yesterday. Gale and shower.
●Yestdaday. Wonderfully beautiful sparking sunny day!!
●Today. The whole world became white. It was clouded, which made the scenery be totally colourless world.

It would be hard to believe the three photos were taken in the same season and the same place.Now you know why I always talk about weather and cannot write anything when the weather changes everyday!!

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