Finland, lately

Around this time of the year, the temperature in Finland is normally about minus 10 degrees. There is snow as well.

But this year is different. All snow has melt and the temperature has been around 0 degree. The weather forecast does not say that the temperature will be falling any time soon. No snow marks on maps neither. What shocks me is that it's not only in the southern Finland, but also in the north. The temperature in northern Finland is still around 0 degree, even plus sometimes.


In this darkness, it is not very nice that no snow, no snow expected, and the temperature seems it's not falling at all.

Despite the unusual weather, the city turns to be Christmas just like the ordinal years. The city has been lightened up and many Christmas markets comes☆

The illumination of the main shopping centre, Aleksanterinkatu. It's the same every year, and when you see it first time, you think it's not very beautiful. But as the time goes by, you get to like it, just like marimekko's design☆


The building is normally used by the university. (meaning the University of Helsinki) I enjoyed the different atmosphere of the building**

They are candles. She, the woman in the picture, was selling many kinds of candles, some were very long(actually, extremely long), some were very thin like Japanese incenses.

There are many other stuffs as well in the market. It was very interesting to see those.

I hope snow comes soon. Don't trust the weather man. That's what I've learnt in England. Hope the weather man is wrong. Not only Finland, but everywhere in the world has been having all kinds of extreme weather. It's obvious and easily seen the effect of global warming. Hope Finland has snow at Christmas....

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