Things that are alike

Two pairs of things I found alike.

One is this. Maple MANJU and Unikko(Marimekko).


Maple Manju is one of sweets from Japan. This is which one of my friends has sent to me. It tastes really good. You must try, if you ever see it☆★

Unikko is one of the most famous and popular design from Marimekko, the Finnish fashion design company. It may appear strange to you in the beginning or you may not like it at first, but the longer you see, the more you see, you'll get to like it. There are many designs from Marimekko, which are like that.

For example, there is one new design shown below. When I saw it first time, it appeared very strange to me. But what now? I do quite like it**


By the way, the Unikko in the above photo is a reflector. Reflectors are seen as very important things for people's safety in the dark Finnish winter. There are many kinds of designs and not only the design companies, but also insurance companies sell them. People put it wherever they want, on the bags, coats, and so on. Large proportion of people put them somewhere in the winter.

Another is the berries.



The top is picked up, edible berries, frozen in a freezer.

The below is alive, not edible(I think) berries, frozen in an natural environment. I think this berries are used for Christmas decoration.

I'm not perfectly sure whether the two berries are the same, but how they had been frozen are different, though they look pretty the same.

●Some unrelated ones●

Finnish national flower, lily of the valley. They were sold in a supermarket and looked so cute, so I had to take photos☆The bells of this lily of the valley are very cute!!!!!

Do you know Pikachu, one of the charactors in a Japanese old game? Well, it looks like this, but not quite. They were in marimekko's shop, sold with 2000-3000 Euro, so if you ever be interested, be in touch with marimekko, Finland. LOL →Pikachu(wikipedia)

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